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About Us

You’ll be in good hands with Digital Signup. Our online registration software is incredible and our linked modules customize our application towards your organizations unique needs. Looking for more information? 

About Digital Signup

We are committed to providing our users with state-of-the-art online registration software that is efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use. We strive to provide a software application that not only automates and simplifies the workload of your back-office employees, but also allows your organization to better serve its clientele. Our software application has been used by hundreds of organizations and is proven to decrease costs and increase registrations.

Who Uses Digital Signup?

  • Schools 
  • Commercial Child Care Providers 
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Hospitals 
  • Museums 
  • Sports Leagues 
  • Public Safety Authorities 
  • Misc. Organizations 
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Goal of Digital Signup

What do schools, sports leagues, hospitals, and other educational organizations have in common? They all have to manage registrations, billing, and reporting. Digital Signups modules are designed do simply and automate these daily processes and are custom tailored to the specific organizations that we support.

Our state-of-the-art software lets your staff get back to supporting your organizations true goals and away from routine administrative tasks that can often bog down an organization.

Our Software Supports:

  • Multi-child/member registrations
  • Operation on virtually any device
  • Real-time electronic attendance & approved pickup management
  • Automated fees management
  • Email, Text, & Social Media Communication

Our History

 Digital Signup was founded in 1985. Our companies initial task was to develop a student registration and facility scheduling software that would help a leading Minnesota Community Education Department run their program more efficiently and affordably. Over the years Digital Signup has evolved and now provides online registration, program management, and billing solutions for not only school based community education, but also child care centers, Parks & Rec., hospitals, enrichment programs, museums, government organizations, police & fire training facilities, and more.

Our client base has grown to over 350 organizations in 32 states. Through constant evolution our software grew from an MS-DOS based application, to a windows based version, and has now transitioned into a cloud based application. Thanks to continued support and development provided by Softura, an enterprise level application development company, Digital Signup now offers a best-in-class online suite that includes solutions for:

To bring additional value to our clients we also have a built-in debit/credit card processing solutions that offers very competitive rates. Our software will automate and simplify the workload of employees, increase registrations, and allow your organization to better serve your clientele.

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Digital Signup is committed to providing our users with state-of-the-art online registration software that is efficient, affordable, and easy to use.  Let us automate and simplify the workload for your employees and enable your organization to better serve your clientele.

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