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What Do Users Say About Digital Signup?

Our users rave how Digital Signup simplifies and improves their class registration, program & facility management, and membership management programs.

Through the use of linked modules our software is customized to meet the unique needs of schools, hospitals, Parks & Rec., sports leagues, museums, enrichment & community educators, and more.


What Directors Like

Community education directors appreciate that our software increases revenue by modernizing their class registration process with built-in marketing tools that are easy-to-use.  Digital Signup simplifies the work load of their back office staff. The software offers a clear path when completing daily tasks.

  • Integrated Marketing Tools Increase Registrations - Email, Text & Social
  • Eliminates Accounts Receivable
  • Communicates with Student Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence / Graphical Insights (Dashboards, Analytics, & Data)
  • Linked Modules Communicate with One Another
  • Back-Office & Customer Portals Are Responsive
  • Works on All Devices - PC, Laptop, & Mobile
  • Best-In-Class Security
  • 508 C WCAG, ADA, & HIPAA Compliant
  • Multilingual & Multi-currency Support
  • Multi-tender Payment Options

What Administrators Like

All online registration systems these days will get you from “Point A” to “Point B”, but Digital Signup offers the most direct-path.  Back-office staff appreciate that our software simplifies and automates redundant processes like managing schedules or transferring students.  And since our program virtually eliminates past-due accounts receivable they can spend more time with students or members instead of tracking down past due clients.

  • Chat Bot Intuitively Answers Users Questions
  • Simplicity of Managing Refunds, Registrations, Cancellations, Transfers, & Tasks
  • Custom Forms & Policy/Wavers
  • Custom Branding & Multiple Theme Options
  • Flexibility of the Program & its modules
  • Auto Blocking of Dormant Back-office Accounts
  • Ability to Communicate Through Email, Text, & Social Media
  • Real-Time Electronic Attendance
  • Built-In Stock Image Search
  • Ability to Import/Export Catalogs, Sessions, & Users
  • Priority Registration for Returning or Preferred Groups / Users
  • Holiday Sync & Wait-list
  • Text & Email Notifications (Classes, CC Expiry, Schedule Change, Facility Closed, Etc.)
  • Customization of Automatic & Recurring Payments

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What Members Like

Users like that our program is secure and easy-to-use. On virtually any device, they can quickly login and search for classes using their own preferred search method. Making changes and adding classes is a breeze.

  • Setup / Signup Wizard
  • Quick Registration Process
  • Single Sign-on Through 3rd Party Authentication (Facebook, Google, & Outlook)
  • Multilingual Support - English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin, & more
  • Class / Instructor Reviews
  • all modules use a Shared Cart & Wish-list
  • Ability to Pay Later for Large Expenses (Ex. Travel & Continuing Education classes)
  • Intelligent Search & Sort (Tags, Location, Teacher, Category, Status, Etc.)
  • Automatically Syncs Calendar with Google or Outlook
  • Discounts - Siblings, Employers, Promo Code, Senior, Volume, & Custom
  • Children's Ability view Calendar, Print Schedule, and Receive Notifications
  • Security Features Including Automatic Time Based Logout
  • Ability to Store & Manage All of their Payment Options from One Screen

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