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Healthcare Registration Software

Digital Signup healthcare registration software is a powerful, user-friendly, cloud-based SaaS solution that provides all the features needed for managing classes, from scheduling and payment processing to community awareness and managing data storage. The HIPAA compliant solution has multiple features to choose from with an integrated public facing site and admin site offering users a single platform for multiple purposes.

Top Healthcare Registration Software Benefits


Traditional healthcare registration is paper-based and labor-intensive, wasting both time and money. Online registration eliminates the manual process transforming how healthcare facilities manage registration.


Reduce the amount of accounts receivables by automating invoices and payment reminders. The PCI compliant solution provides users a secure payment portal to streamline the payment process.


Enhance your community engagement and increase class awareness by automating group emails related to classes participants previously registered for and providing detailed class descriptions right at your users fingertips. 

Enhance Your User Experience

Secure Data

Our healthcare registration software is HIPAA complaint to ensure the privacy and security of personal and health information. Gather, store, and transmit information in a way that remains secure.

Custom Forms

Custom forms eliminate the hassle of asking questions that are not relevant. Instead, ask class specific questions, gather specific information for different users, and trigger actions based on previous information.

UX Design

Participants are able to completely register and pay for classes from start to finish in one portal in just a few clicks. Simply, search, register, and set up automatic payments from any device.

Intelligent Insights

Generate reports to sort and filter though data to get the insights you need. Use those insights to make decisions about future classes, inform participants about similar classes they might like, and fully understand your community’s needs.

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Online Registration Software
Online Registration Software

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