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Top 6 Benefits of using an eCommerce Platform to Offer Health Classes

Top 6 Benefits of using an eCommerce Platform to Offer Health Classes

Healthcare Class Registration

An eCommerce Platform to Offer Health Classes

According to a study by eMarketer, even prior to social distancing and shelter in place due to COVID-19, an overwhelming percentage of customers preferred to shop online which they consider convenient and hassle-free.  

This trend cuts across products and services. Learning is no exception. Organizations that offer classes and patient awareness programs will benefit more from digital infrastructure, especially considering the need accentuated by the pandemic. This post discusses the top 6 benefits of using an eCommerce platform like Digital Signup for offering classes:  

  1. A Self-Service Automated Platform 

  1. A One-Stop-Shop Digital Catalog 

  1. Intuitive User Experience 

  1. Mobile Friendly Platform 

  1. PCI Compliant Online Payment 

  1. Communication and Engagement 

1. A Self-Service Automated Platform

The primary benefit of an integrated platform such as Digital Signup is that it enables customers to find, register and pay for classes online in a hassle-free manner without administrative assistance. Digital Signup offers: 

  • An Online catalog of classes and events – makes it easy for customers to browse, search and find the classes of their choice.  
  • Self-service capability – from search, class registration to payment, the platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface: 
    • Search by relevance such as topics, interests, location etc.
    • Search engine optimized (SEO) catalog that takes customer directly to what they are looking for  

2. A One-Stop-Shop – Digital Catalog

Let’s take the example of a healthcare organization with presence across the country. Different locations offer a variety of classes. Having a digital platform provides a ‘single pane of glass’ visibility for all classes and events across many locations. Customers need not search in various places to find what they are looking for. A platform like Digital Signup gives one common place for customers to find classes for any topic, any location and any mode (in person classes or virtual online classes).  

3. Intuitive User Experience

Modern user experience improves customer engagement. Especially in a world where people have limited time, an intuitive interface that facilitates easy navigation and requires minimal clicks to complete their registration increases engagement.  

4. Mobile Friendly Platform

According to a study by Business Insider Intelligence, nearly 50%  of all eCommerce transactions will happen through mobile devices, primarily driven by ease of navigation.  Digital Signup being an eCommerce platform that works on any device, makes it  more convenient for customers to search, register and pay on their phones. 

5. PCI Compliant Online Payment

Features like multi-tender payment options, automatic & recurring payments and gift cards increase loyalty ensures that customers will keep coming back to this platform because of the ease of use.  With multiple online payment options, Digital Signup eliminates the need for customers to visit administrative office to pay for a class. 

6. Communication and Engagement

The success of an eCommerce platform, especially in the context of learning, depends not only on the convenience it offers but also on the engagement and communication factors such as: 

  • Automated notifications sent to customers regarding their classes. 
  • Send emails and mobile texts to keep customers informed of changes. 
  • Featured classes and promotions, ability to add classes to wish list, improves customer engagement. 
  • Ability to deliver virtual classes through the platform itself.  


To summarize, Digital Signup is a powerful, user-friendly, cloud-based SaaS solution that provides all the features needed for managing classes, from scheduling and payment processing to community awareness and managing data storage. To directly schedule an appointment for a free consultation on how you can start leveraging this platform – click:

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Top 6 Benefits of using an eCommerce Platform to Offer Health Classes

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