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Questions to Ask When Looking for Online Registration

Questions to Ask When Looking for Online Registration

Questions to Ask When Looking For Online Registration

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The importance of registration software for your school or after-school program cannot be underestimated. A good registration software can maximize your productivity, minimize redundancies, and increase your enrollment as more parents are incentivized to enroll their children. While there is a lot of registration software out there, they’re not all suitable for everyone.

Before looking for an online registration that’s ideally suited for your organization’s specific needs, you need to create a list of critical considerations. To help you out, we’ve created a list of some of the most pertinent questions you need to ask when looking for a registration software.

Does the Program Have All of the Primary and Essential Features I Need?

Before selecting any software, you need to make sure it has the essential features you need.
Simple Registration Process: The software should have a straightforward registration process so the parents can register their children without hassle.
• Online Payment: The registration software should accept online payments through all popular payment means like credit cards.
• Communication: The software should have features that facilitate smooth communication individually, in small groups or mass messaging. It should be as scalable as you need.

Does the Platform Allow You to Collect Payments?

Your registration software should be able to collect payments at source, i.e., it shouldn’t direct the parents to an external third-party platform like PayPal. According to estimates, approximately 27% of all people abandon registration processes if they’re directed to external sites.

Does the Software Facilitate Communication Between Parents, Students, and Administrators?

Schools and after-school programs require a high degree of internal communications. School authorities have to convey important information to the students, manage the students’ and program data, convey information to parents either individually or in groups, and communicate with each other.

As such, the registration software should have a strong and flexible communication system in place. It should allow you to send out mass emails, send newsletters, message individual parents or students directly, and create groups for targeted messaging.

Can the Software Help with My School’s Marketing Efforts?

The software should give you insights regarding your community. It should allow you to know how the families found out about your program and their interests. That will enable you to communicate with the families about similar programs coming up or ones with open seats.

Can I Get Accurate and Relevant Reports from the Software?

Registration software should be extremely adept at creating intelligent reports. You should be able to see how many students are attending specific classes, what is the rate of returning students, which classes or programs are underutilized, etc. This will help you better optimize your programs and help increase the rate of returning students. .

Does the Software have a Reliable Support System in Place?

Finally, it’s extremely important to consider the platform’s support system. How quickly are your concerns addressed? How quickly does the support team resolve your issues? What’s their response rate? Do they have a live chat support option, or do they use a ticketing system?


You may think that all online registration software is created the same. But, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that they come with unique features. You need to zoom in on those details to discover which registration platform can meet all of your needs. Good registration software for schools and after-school programs, such as Digital Signup, should have an internal payment portal, flexible communication features, accurate report generation, and a reliable support system. If you consider these features carefully, you’ll be able to increase your organization’s registration efficiency considerably.

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Questions to Ask When Looking for Online Registration

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